Thank Goodness for Gardens

I needed some Garden Therapy today. I went out and enjoyed the beauty of plants growing vegetables for us to eat. I take no credit that this happens. It is a miracle and so much fun to watch how fast it happens.

I needed to be outside amongst plants who don’t need guns and don’t claim that guns are not a problem. I am so disheartened to see posts from grandmothers I know who are saying that guns are not the problem. Nurses and doctors I know who think that everyone needs a gun. Thankfully not all the grandmothers I know, or many of the nurses and doctors, but enough to make me shake my head.

Grandmothers, who I think would want to protect children, more than they would like to have a gun. Healers who have seen what harm a gun can do, but still think everyone needs one.

What we all need is a garden. We need to learn to plant and nourish things. We need to revel in the amazement of what the earth can give us if we take care of it. We need to sit quietly and think about not hurting each other. We need to think about the choices we make.

2 Comments on “Thank Goodness for Gardens”

  1. Gussy says:

    Amen Dana!!!

  2. Carol Walker says:

    Beautiful blog today
    Carol Walker

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