Please Don’t Say, “There are no words”

I have a lot of words for those people who respond to the type of massacres like Uvalde and say, “There are no words.”

Republican Senators have become experts at doing nothing about making this a safer country for Americans. They have all taken gun lobby money. The love of guns by the Republican senators is much greater than their love of humans.

No other country has these type and number of mass shootings that America has and the Republicans don’t care. Those are words that must be spoken. It will take sixty Senators to pass a gun control bill. The only way for that to happen is to change ten Senators.

I was watching Amy Robach on ABC interview the mayor of Uvalde today live on TV. She asked him about gun control and he had the nerve to say that guns were not the problem. He is the mayor of the the town where his citizens were just traumatized. His response was, “You can’t buy a gun in Chicago and they have more shootings than anyplace else.”

What kind of idiotic response is that. This man loves his guns more than his constituents and less than 24 hours after 20 children in his town were mowed down by an 18 year old with an AR-15. He had the nerve to defend gun rights and not consider that there might be another way. The other way is to remove people like this from office.

We don’t need gun control in one city and not in the town next door. Chicagoans can buy guns in Indiana and drive them into Chicago, that ‘s how that happens Mr. Mayor of Uvalde. We need gun control in the whole country. The only way that happens is with Congress.

If you are a republican consider who you are nominating. Please chose candidates who are not in the back pocket of big guns. When your child gets killed at school it will be too late to say, “I wish I had spoken up sooner.” You can still have hunting and target practice and have gun control at the same time. Other countries do it.

There are words! We don’t have to live in a country where the number of mass shootings is more than one per day, as it is in 2022. Don’t be silent. Don’t get shot.

One Comment on “Please Don’t Say, “There are no words””

  1. beth says:

    could not agree more

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