Tired of Flags at Half Mast as Our Response

Another day, another 18 kids killed by a gunman while they were at school. This should never be a sentence anyone writes.

We know very little about the specifics of this horrific day, but what we do know is these children were killed by someone with a gun. How many shootings must happen before people we say enough is enough?

For all the politicians who take money from the gun lobby, you have the blood of these children on your hands. To the politicians who say they are constitutional originalists and that the second amendment says Americans can have guns, you are not being true to the founding father’s intent.

Muskets were all the founding fathers knew and single shot dueling pistols. If we are going to be originalists, then that is all anyone should be entitled to by the second amendment. All other weapons must be regulated. An eighteen year old should not have access to weapons of mass destruction.

I am sick and tired of flags at half mast as the consolation for the life of a child, or for an innocent person shopping at the grocery store.

Most Americans want gun control, even gun owners. It is time to hold politicians responsible for not doing their job. Stop the senseless carnage.

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