Day 999 of Moving my Parents

Today was the official moving day for my parents. One of the best things about moving two miles down the road is it is a short trip. One of the worst things is there is no sense of urgency to get everything into a truck and be done with it.

The moving crew we used last week came back to take what was supposed to be the last of the furniture so that my parents actually have to live in the new house. Since they are reducing their livable space by 75% they just can’t take everything. So it is hard to decide do I want this chest of drawers or that chest of drawers? Pick just one.

My wonderful, fabulous sister Janet brought three of her best employees who helped with packing and had a truck too. They moved all my mother’s art as well as brought five big pieces of furniture to my house.

My favorite mover was a old guy named Shad who really appreciated art and loved my mom’s work. He wanted a photo with her so he could show his friends he knew a famous artist. He also made friends with my Dad and is going to come fishing at my Dad’s pond.

Living in the new house is going to be painful for a while. The stove is not working because they don’t have the right vent. There are no window treatments. My father’s bed frame is missing the slats so the mattress is not in it. The kitchen cabinets are missing drawers and shelves so there’s is no putting away kitchen stuff. It’s going to be hell for a while.

I estimate we are only about half way through this ordeal. There is all the unpacking to be done. Still lots of stuff at the old house to be moved and all the prep work for the estate sale and holding the estate sale. Then the donating what does not sell and the final clean up. At least 999 more days to go. For tonight I am taking a lot of Advil PM and trying to not think about moving.

One Comment on “Day 999 of Moving my Parents”

  1. beth says:

    but who’s counting? )

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