Happy Big Birthday Shay

I don’t know how it happened, but our baby Shay Shay turned 10 today. She has been the favorite family member from the day she came into our world.

As her present to Russ she did not wake him up last night and instead snuggled up with me. She got to come outside and play in the garden with me this morning then she went back to supervising Russ at work.

This afternoon she got to open her presents, two new stuffed toys, a donut and frog that spelled out ten. She took right to the donut and loved jumping to catch it when Russ threw it to her. She may be ten, but she is still agile.

Russ bought her steak for dinner and she knew it was a special day. We hope we have another ten great years with Shay Shay. When Russ and I talk about the possibility of getting another dog we both agree that Shay would not be happy about it, so we continue to pamper her as she demands. But today is her birthday so spoiling is required.

One Comment on “Happy Big Birthday Shay”

  1. beth says:

    aw how sweet – happy 10!

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