God Awful Low Fiber Diet

Someone I know has to have a colonoscopy next week and they need to eat a low fiber diet. When I was asked for ideas for low fiber foods I immediately went back to my childhood in the 60’s. White bread bologna sandwiches, fettuccine Alfredo, eggs Benedict, nothing healthy. Thinking about low fiber foods practically makes my brain want to blow up.

Trying to come up with vegetable centric low fiber meals is almost impossible. Forget fruits, unless it is canned. Yeah, I guess bananas are OK. So maybe a creamy peanut butter and banana sandwich, but that is just another sandwich.

For a person who does not eat meat you have chicken and fish, but still what to go with it? For my friends over 50 what did you eat when you had your low fiber prep week? I’m not sure I am going to be much help to this person.

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