Allowing Lies to Stand is How We Got Here

Two days ago in my blog StopSupporting Temper Tantrums I wrote, “45 encouraging people to protest with potential harm on January 6th is the worst crime of all. That is tantamount to starting a civil war and I pray it does not happen.” Clearly you all do not want to depend on my prayers to get anything, based on the tragedy that played out at the Capital today.

Let’s call it exactly what it was, a riot of sedition caused by the President. It was not a peaceful protest, but a criminal war on our democracy. The Capital may be the people’s house, but that does not give just any American the right to barge in and tear up the place.

His lips were moving so you know he was lying

Trump should be held accountable for everything that happened today, but that is for tomorrow. Today, I hold everyone who did not call Trump out for every lie he ever told responsible to getting us here. Allowing Trump to control the narrative through lies is how we got where we are.

His election was not stolen. It was the most verified election in history. But every time he said he actually won, he was grooming these criminals who gathered at the capital today.

We have to learn this lesson that we must continually hold people accountable for truth. We have to make sure the record is correct. Facts need to be verified as facts and not fantasy.

Of course good people can have different opinions, but we need to agree on basic things like 2 plus 2 equals 4. Trump’s lack of any form of understanding facts is the basis of his being able to divide our nation.

We no longer should be polite when someone states something so in correct, but it is all our responsibility to call them out and not allow liars to tell the story over and over again until people don’t remember the truth.

Today was the saddest day in American History, even though Georgia came through with electing two unlikely Senators, an African American pastor to John Lewis and and thirty year old Jewish man who had worked for John Lewis. I am sorry that John Lewis did not live to see this, but glad he did not have to witness the storming of the Capital.

One Comment on “Allowing Lies to Stand is How We Got Here”

  1. Anjuli says:

    He should be held accountable, not just for what has happened today. But for every divisive action, including what lead to the death toll of 379,000 of innocent people.

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