Emotional Support

Today American Airlines has banned emotional support animals in the cabin of planes. I guess I am never going to have to endure a peacock or Komodo dragon under the seat next to me. I have always found it absurd that someone could claim a chicken was their emotional support animal, but not as bad as watching people put live chickens in the overheads on flights from Miami to San Juan.

I don’t fly with Shay as I am certain it would make her an emotional wreck. She does not like loud or strange noises so I can only imagine how she would shake and shiver at take off of a plane. If Shay were ever to fly she would need to be allowed her emotional support animal, Russ. If she couldn’t bring him she would need her second best thing, her emotional support king sized bed.

Given that we shouldn’t really be flying, this animal ban will not bring up the ire in that many people. I bet that this bit of news got by most people as our minds are on the Georgia Election, the certification of Biden’s win tomorrow and the impending arrest of people trying to start a civil war in Washington tomorrow.

I just don’t want to be at the airport when the guy with the emotional support rat is told he can’t board with his Willard. I am worried that he might let his rat lose on the airline staff and I could be emotionally scared by seeing that.

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