Last Night Home

Three weeks off from school is too long. Carter announced this morning that next year she is going back to Boston before New Years. I remember having that same feeling when I was in college. There was nothing exciting going on at home and you have had enough of your parents.

Some down time is nice, but after being so busy at college it is hard to be idle. Apparently Carter is hearing the same thing from her friends who are going crazy at home. Lucky for Carter she gets to go back to Boston tomorrow. She has to get settled since her job starts bright and early Monday morning.

It is a big change to go from college class schedule to a full time working life, but even bigger to go to working from this boredom time of Christmas break. She is very excited.

Russ and I will miss having her home, but Shay is the one who will really miss her. Carter is a softy when it comes to giving Shay treats. She waits on her bed and as soon as Carter has a hunk of freeze dried Chicken liver in her hand Shay makes the big jump to take it from her.

Tomorrow Shay will be back to the rationing of treats from me, but thankfully Russ will be home to spoil her too. Since I will be down to one baby I might give Shay an extra treat or two since she is all I will have at home.

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