Leftover Fusion

Before Carter went back to Boston she wanted Indian food for dinner. So Russ left it up to her to order it and he picked it up from his way home from work. When it arrived Carter was disappointed to discover that Chicken Tikka is different from Chicken Tikka Masala, which is what she really wanted. Thankfully the Bhindi Masala was exactly what she was craving.

The Chicken Tikka was the perfect New Years resolution food since it was flavorful skinless chicken breast with onions and peppers. When Carter tasted it she was less unhappy. We ate less than half the order that night.

In a move to make the whole dinner more healthy as a leftover I cut up some of the Chicken Tikka and mixed it with the Bhindi Masala, which is an okra and tomato dish and sprinkled just a little rice with it. I heated it up and stuffed it into baked acorn squash halves. It was a yummy and healthy dinner.

Thanks Carter for ordering the wrong thing. We loved it, but miss you.

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