The Best Gifts

This year I asked my family not to get me any presents for Christmas. My love of Christmas as a season in no way includes the need to add more “stuff” to my life. I love giving someone the perfect gift, especially if it was something I made that was heirloom quality. I know it sounds presumptions to think anything I make is heirloom, but I am not talking about loom potholders or crap like that. I also love to cook something special for someone. The people who are notoriously bad cooks often appreciate that gift the most. Experiences are also the kind of gifts I love to give.

Despite my “no gifts” rule, there were some gifts from the rogue givers, but they were well thought out and two were so superior that I was overwhelmed.

The first was a box of Downton Abbey stationary from Carter with the instructions that she and I must write each other letters every month. The act of writing a letter to someone you text everyday is such a sweet sentiment. I am going to have to really think about what important words I am going to commit to these letters. I guess all the years I told Carter to write people a heartfelt letter as a gift have finally come true for me.

The second gift was a Christmas ornament the Russ and Carter had made with a painting of our house. On the back the words “Dana makes this house a home we love” made me burst into tears and sob, which got all three of us crying. This is what happens when everyone in your family is a marketer. Apparently Russ found this artist last year, but she was already booked for last Christmas, so he had been planning this gift for over a year.

I love the ornament so much that I am not packing it up with all the other Christmas stuff. Now I have to find a place for it year round.

I realized that my desire to unclutter has made my family think really hard about what to get me, even though I was letting them off the hook from getting me anything at all. Russ and Carter are two good eggs and I am thankful that they love me so. I wish I was as good at gift giving as they are. I am really on the hot seat for next year.

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