Columbine High School Should Change Its Name

Once again Columbine High School had to have a lock down because of a credible threat that an eighteen year old girl from Florida was headed there with guns. Apparently the girl was obsessed with the Columbine shooting. She flew to Colorado and was able to buy a gun the day she got there. The idea that anyone could buy a gun that easily and quickly is insane, but that is not the subject of this blog today.

Instead I am wondering why Columbine High School doesn’t change its name? Of course, changing the name does not erase what happened there, but perhaps it would help remove it from being such a Mecca for the crazy. Perhaps if future bad actors can’t find the school because they will give up trying to reenact the original shooting.

Today the news reported that Columbine High School has daily visitors who are just there to see where the historic shooting took place. The school spokesman told people that they are not welcome to visit. Well, make it harder on them to find it. Change the name. Don’t make a big deal about changing it. Don’t report it. Don’t call the news. Just let the old Columbine High School name disappear. While you are at it, change the name of the street where the school is. The people who live in the town will know how to get there, but visitors might have more trouble.

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