Auction Friends

Tonight was the Chef’s Feast for the Food Bank at Fearrington Village. I was the auctioneer again this year and was fearful about the date. First it is Maundy Thursday and Easter break for many people. As if that wasn’t enough of a challenge for a date the Carolina Hurricanes made it into the Playoffs for the first time in ten years and tonight was one of the games at home.

Despite those issues we had a wonderful turn out of kind and generous people for a yummy dinner and auction. The weather was beautiful as well as the setting so we couldn’t help but be successful.

Vivian Howard, of A Chef’s Life TV fame, was once again one of our presenting Chef’s. She is a devoted Food Bank fan and we so appreciate her continued support of our mission. Collin Bedford of the Fearrington Inn also returned as a featured chef. This year we had Andrew Ullom, previously pastry chef at Ashley Christiansen’s many restaurants, and now owner of Union Special Bread a new bakery/restaurant in Raleigh as our dessert chef.

Special friend Chef Paris Mishoe volunteered to come and do plating so that service could move faster and he brought along Edward Rampersaud to help out. When I asked Paris if he would do me this favor he had no idea that the Hurricanes would be playing tonight. What a good egg he was to come work and then go to the game late. If you ever need any catering in the triangle Chef Paris is the bomb.

My job as auctioneer was easy. We had five items to offer and the bidding was good, but sadly only 5 people got to win. So I followed up the auction with the raise a paddle opportunity to just give money. People were very generous and we raised an extra $45,000 on top of all the other money from sponsors and tickets. Since everything from the chef’s to the food and service and the location are donated the whole evening is gravy to the Food Bank.

Thanks to all the wonderful guest who came, bid and donated. It is a fun evening that I am happy to get to play a small role in. I am especially appreciative of the people who tell me that it is a fun auction and how much they enjoyed the giving. Auctions should be fun! Being a charity auctioneer is all about making everyone in the room feel like we are friends. Giving with a joyful heart does makes you feel good.

Shout out to my Food Bank Crew who do an exceptional job making the whole evening run smoothly. It is a highlight of my year.

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