Birthday Bridge

In a continuation of my theory that my friends are all born at the same time of year, today is my friend Deanna’s birthday. Deanna and I met twenty years ago when we learned to play bridge together. We played a few years back then, but I stopped and she went on. Since Carter left for college Deanna has generously been mentoring me to come up to speed in modern bridge.

Let me tell you Bridge is a life’s work. I have no idea why we call it a game, because it is more like a torture. I feel like I am never going to catch up.

Since it is Deanna’s birthday I stopped and got her a birthday hat that was similar to a dunce cap. I should have gotten myself an actual dunce cap. Despite being her birthday none of the opponents gave us any gifts.

Just when I think I am getting ahead at bridge I have a day like today where I make many mistakes. I did a terrible job giving Deanna a good day at bridge for her birthday. I am thankful if she will continue to play with me.

I forgot to get a photo of her in her hat. Maybe that is the best gift I can give her.

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