Energy is So Wasted on Youth and Puppies

Coming home tonight from three hours away at the DPAC watching Anastasia Russ and I were greeted by Shay with all the enthusiasm of a war hero returning home from years at war.

The jumping back and forth and standing on her hind legs in excitement feels like over kill. We were only gone three hours. It’s not like she wasn’t fed before we left. We never leave her that long. She didn’t even have to go out.

Shay just loves us so unconditionally that she always acts like it is a big parade when we get home. Now she does go to the top of the stairs when Russ is coming home, but for me she stays on the bed and doesn’t come down to greet me. Still we both get the big jumping routine on the bed when either of us walk in the door.

This is more exercise than she gets all day. I wish I could harness the out put and use it to run the air conditioning because it is an explosion of energy. With enough toddlers and puppies hooked up appropriately we could end global warming. Don’t send me letters about child labor. I just hate to waste that positive output from all that happiness.

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