Easter Blessings

Happy Easter and Passover to all the believers or those who are considering believing, or those who have questions and want an excuse for a good meal, or all those who are forced to come to a dinner because they are family.

Easter is a good meal after a good Church service at our house. My parents came for Easter, as they have for the last twenty years despite the fact that the only grandchild, and real reason for visiting, is at college and not here. It helps that they like our preacher and the brass ensemble at our church even if it is Presbyterian and not Episcopalian.

After we learned a good Greek swear word today at church my parents and the Toms came back to our house for Easter lunch. I forgot to get a photo, something someone with a daily blog should not forget. To make everyone happy I made both ham and lamb along with a really good spring green veggie salad of asparagus, green beans and peas. Who knew that putting all the green food together tasted so good? We also had a decedent potatoes au gratin.

My parents stayed until the late hour of two o’clock and suddenly My father realized they needed to get right home, so off they went. The Toms stayed and helped with the dishes.

Russ and I did a few chores and then it was time for us to go to our second Easter at our friend’s Richard and Michelle’s with Mick and Hannah. Richard had a beautiful leg of lamb, and home made rolls he was working to perfect, although they were perfect as far as we all thought. Hannah had brought a delightful salad with oranges and au gratin potatoes.

Two Easter lamb meals back to back is quiet a decedent day. But a day filled with friends and family was so fun. How could we say no to any of it?

Top the day off with a message from my Aunt announcing the birth of my newest second cousin to my cousin Wright and his wife Calvine. What a happy Easter and welcome Weaver Kellogg Harvey to the world. It may be a while, but chances are you may have lamb and potatoes au gratin on one of your future birthdays.

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