My Kingdom For a Fork

Years ago when my parents sold their beach house my mother said, “I have all this furniture, I am going to buy an apartment in DC to put it in.” Since my parents basically lived at the farm the three bedroom apartment sat empty. Then, my sister Margaret moved into it. She had furniture too. She had lots of furniture since she is a decorator.

Recently Margaret decided to move to Annapolis and my parents realized they didn’t need this big apartment just to store furniture in so they put it on the market. It is in a beautiful Art Deco building and their seventh floor unit has a lovely view of the National Cathedral, which has I just noticed has a strong resemblance to Nortre Dame. If you know anyone in the Housing Market in DC tell them to come look at it.

Today I started my driving trip to go help Carter pack in Boston and go to Maine and NYC. My friend Jeanne in Alexandria just had her hip replaced and I decided I would break my trip up and come visit her as she is stuck at home convalescing. I used to have no trouble driving ten hours in a day, but my old hips require too many stops to stretch so this was a good idea. My mom volunteered the apartment for me to stay in since I am literally just sleeping and jumping in the car early in the morning to go to my next stop tomorrow.

After a wonderful visit with Jeanne I stopped at Trader Joe’s and bought a salad to bring to the apartment for dinner. Since I didn’t have a key to the building or the apartment I had to get here in time for the front desk to be manned so they could let me in and give me the key. Once I got here I can’t leave because I can’t get back in the building. I can’t even go to my car, but then I shouldn’t need to since I have everything I need for the evening.

I unpacked my few things, and put my salad in the fridge. I took a shower and changed into my night gown. Since no one is living here there is no WiFi or TV. I went to the kitchen to get my dinner to take to the beautiful dining room. I poured the dressing that came in a little cup over the greens. I opened the silverware drawer to get a fork and it was empty. I opened every other drawer, empty. All the cabinets, empty of most everything except two sets of China with a sign, “NOT MICROWAVE SAFE.” I searched for some take out chopsticks in what used to be the junk drawer. Nothing, only some tape.

I called my mother. She knew nothing of all the utensils being gone. I called my sister in Annapolis. “I thought the apartment would be sold by now, I was just cleaning it out. Go to the Giant Supermarket and get a fork.”

I didn’t get into with her that I couldn’t leave the building until the receptionist comes back on duty in the morning or else I couldn’t get back in. So after searching every drawer for any possible set of pens I could use as chopsticks, and finding none, I sat down at the dining room table and scooped my salad up with the dressing cup. It was a very unladylike way to eat, licking the lettuce out of the cup, but it was better than using my fingers to eat it. I am just thankful that I settled on the salad and did not get the Chicken Tika Masala and rice. It didn’t come with a cup. If only I had gotten a sandwich.

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