My Childhood Babysitter

One of the best things about writing a daily blog for eight years, is eventually someone from my past will find me and we reconnect. I have been lucky that no one has found me that I was trying to hide from, but last year my childhood babysitter, Ann Whelton, found me. We have had a great time reminiscing virtually. Today, while I am on my drive north I was able to stop and see Ann in person.

When she first messaged me with a photo I would have recognized her without her name even though the last time I saw her was at her high school graduation in 1973. Today I got to not only see her, but hear her very familiar voice.

Ann was only 12 when we moved from New Cannan to Wilton, and I was seven. She quickly became our all-the-time babysitter. Neither of us can remember how my Mother found her. Ann was the third of a family of ten so she was well versed in child care.

Today we talked about what life was like back then. Ann was like part of the family because my parents were always at a party. She also was happy to stay and spend the night so they could stay late at parties.

I’m not sure Janet will remember her because I took over the baby sitting responsibilities when I turned 12, but Margaret most certainly will remember her.

Ann, thanks for lunch and for finding me after all these years. It was fun to relive those days from 50 years ago. You never forget your babysitter.

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