Second Birthday Celebration This Week

Yesterday I celebrated Michelle’s birthday, which is next week and today I celebrated Stephanie’s birthday which was last week. Lynn and I took Stephanie to Thai Cade for the annual coconut cake birthday ritual.

As I was thinking about all the cake I have been consuming with all these birthdays I got to thinking about how my friend’s seem to have birthday’s clustered around April/May and September. Since my birthday is May It made me think that perhaps we are attracted to people in the same zodiac sign. I never really put much stock in that whole zodiac thing. Then it occurred to me that perhaps I have more friends with spring birthdays because it was a popular time to be born.

The internet had the answer. Some guy compiled births by day of the year and turns out September babies are the most numerous. September 9th in particular Has more babies born that any other day in the last twenty years. My sister Margaret happens to be a September 9 baby.

On the issue of spring birthdays, April and May are not overwhelmingly popular months so I might have to settle for my theory that like birthday times of years attract each other as friends.

Regardless, I do like to take a friend to lunch for her birthday. I forgot to take a photo of Stephanie today, so she gave me this one of her and her daughter Leander at Denison this past weekend. The one thing I will say about all my friends is that they don’t seem to age at all.

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