Fitting in the Fun

Last night I was awoken when different things in my bed room just came on. The plug that holds my iPad and iPhone chargers sparked, scaring me into thinking my bed might catch fire. This kind of thing only happens when I am home alone. I unplugged everything in my room and investigated the rest of the house. The scare kept me awake for a long time. Since I had a busy day planned today I really tried hard to go back to sleep, which wasn’t working.

As soon as it was an acceptable hour I called my trusty electrician. Everyone needs to be on the first name basis with an electrician and a plumber. I pray that mine never retire. I told Tony about my scare and he said he would come right over. Thankfully right over for him was still long enough that I was able to get to and from my haircut appointment.

Tony came and determined I had been victim of a power spike and thankfully nothing terrible happened. He did this is record time and I was only 45 minutes late for my neighborhood needlepoint gathering. We were celebrating Michelle’s birthday a week early and I was in charge of the “cake.”

Saturday I tried to bake her a lemon cake. The weather was terrible that day and although I knew it was not good baking weather I tried anyway. Big failure! The the cake stuck in the bundt pan and broke into many unsalvageable pieces. I was not giving up and decided to turn the lemon cake into a lemon trifle. I made a cream cheese and whipped cream concoction and added strawberries, raspberries and blue berries. It was way better than just a cake.

I had enough time at Needlepoint to teach a new stitch and have trifle then I had to run to bridge. Playing bridge on not enough sleep is never a good idea. After four hours of not my best play I had to run home to host the church Building committee meeting at my house. Since it is Holy Week there are no meetings at church. That doesn’t mean no meetings, just hold them someplace else. The thing about having the meeting at my house is I could serve beer.

There was not a free minute in my day, but thankfully I did fit in the fun things. OK, everything I do is usually fun with the exception of house repairs. Tomorrow the city inspector comes to look at my new furnace and the HVAC people come to inspect my air conditioning. Talk about fun!

One Comment on “Fitting in the Fun”

  1. msvann says:

    So wonderful to see those four lovely ladies! All of them fabulous people and incredible moms! You were not in the picture but are certainly in the same category! Thank you for being you and for helping me stay in touch with a city I will always call “home”.

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