Time to Order Mah Jongg Cards

I had the craziest dream last night. I dreamt I was in a big room full of people I mostly didn’t know, but who I was about to play Mah Jongg with. The annual Mah Jongg Card of the year had just come out and it looked completely different from the way it has always looked. It resembled a Denny’s menu in size, photos and lamination. That alone made me wonder where in the world anyone would put it while they played. The second thing was the hands made no sense. One hand was 22 44 66 88 ST Thomas. If you play Mah Jongg you will recognize the numbers as a possible hand, but not the letters, other than S. The third thing is there were very few hands, rather than like 45 hands there were only 12, except for an additional five hands that were made with sodas, coke, sprite, Dr. pepper, etc.

I have no idea the meaning of this crazy dream, but it did remind me time to ask people to join me in ordering the new card for 2019. If you want your Mah Jongg Card and give me your order and your money I send it in as a group. Your card(s) will gets directly to your house. The reason for doing this group ordering is the National Mah Jongg League will donate $2 for every card sold in a group to a charity of your choosing as long as you sell at least 30 cards. For the past twenty years we have been designating our money goes to the Food Bank of CENC. It sounds like small potatoes, but over the years it has given the Food Bank over $2,000.

So if you would like to order your cards through me please let me know. I take Venmo, check or cash. Large print cards are $9. Small print are $8, but save your eyes and spend the extra buck for the large.

I am hoping the new cards is nothing like my dream. If it is I will have to start creating a competitive card.

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