End Temper Tantrum Governance

The government shut down continues with what appears to be no real negotiations most of us non-government workers go on without it hurting us too much. The reason being is so many of the workers are going to work and putting in their time without getting paid. Without calling 45 a master, it is feeling like these government workers are his (you fill in the word of people who work for someone without pay or a say). Granted they are being told they will get back pay, but for most of the hourly, entry or mid-level workers they don’t have reserves they can easily live on without penalty.

No one should be treated this way and these poor workers are certainly just pawns in a game that has no strategy. 45’s approval rating are going down and his disapproval rates are going up, yet he holds on. The American people are the long term losers in this game because any good government workers will look for work in the private sector and future great workers won’t consider government work after seeing how this group has been treated.

In 22 states it is illegal to have a government shut down over a budget. If the governor and the legislature can’t agree the budget remains the same as the previous year. This should be the same way for the federal government. No one branch of government should be allowed to hold us hostage this way.

The best thing the Congress could do right now is pass a bi-partisan supported veto proof law that says that there can be no shut downs over the budget. Both sides could agree that it is in the countries best interest to not have temper tantrum like governance. It might make Acongrss’ approval rating go up for the first time in a long time. It certainly seems like labor laws are being broken to force these people to work without pay. I don’t see 45 changing his stance so please, please Congress find a way to change the law for the long term better.

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