One Tough Mother

My Cousin Brooks and his wife Sherri and their two boys, Malcom and Watson were in a serious car accident in Tennessee last fall. Sherri and one of the boys were badly hurt. Because of the accident Sherri had a full body scan. Besides finding all her broken bones and things related to the accident the scan found two other serious issues. One was a tumor which was removed with a hysterectomy a few months ago and as if that wasn’t bad enough the other was NET (cancer) on her pancreas. That is very serious.

Today Sherri had a Whipple procedure at Duke. If you don’t know what a Whipple is be glad because it is a complicated operation with a long recovery. When I first heard of the talk of Sherri needing the Whipple I called on my friends Mary Pickard and Ted Pappas at Duke to help refer Sherri to the best team around. Sherri and Brooks, who live in Winston-Salem decided that the Duke team,who do more these procedures than most doctors see in a lifetime,would be the place to come to.

I am happy to report that Sherri had her operation today and it went well. She is finally in a room at Duke to recover for a few days before she goes home for her six week recovery at home.

Sherri has been very open about her situation, but it has been very scary. I see her car accident as a silver lining because she probably would not have found this pancreas issue until it was very far along since it has very few symptoms in early stages.

It has been a tough year for their whole family, but I am praying this is the last of it and she can look forward to many healthy years ahead thanks to taking care of things found as a result of her car accident. First she needs to recover from her Whipple.

So I am sending good vibes out into the world for Sherri and Brooks. I know only too well what life at Duke hospital is like, but that is a short down payment on a long life ahead. Sherri is a dedicated mother and I know she will rally for Malcom and Watson with Brook’s help as well as all her extended family.

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