A Star is Born

My Dad and Bill finished my yard today. It was a Herculean effort by my 80 year old dad. I am forever in his debt. I will post photos of it when the grass comes in, but suffice it to say I am thrilled with it. I skipped bridge so that I could be here to take Dad and Bill to lunch and thank them properly. Thankfully they finished without having to be out in this crazy October heat all day for a third day.

Because my yard was done I was able to go to the movies late this afternoon. A group of six of mostly empty nest mothers gathered at the Windsong to see the remake of A Star Is Born. We all are old enough to remember the Kris Kristofferson/Barbra Streisand version and were greatly anticipating this one. The word was that Bradley Cooper had rewritten the story and done all new music with Lady Gaga and that it is his directorial debut.

Us six friends sat through at least eight previews all, except for one, for movies we agreed we wanted to see. That usually doesn’t happen for me. I am lucky if I like a third of the previews. Perhaps we are getting better than usual movies this year.

Back to A Star Is Born… Bradley Cooper was to die for. He was perfect for the role and directed himself beautifully. I think he was an improvement on Kris Kristofferson. Lady Gaga was good, but honestly not as good as Barbra. It takes guts to go up against Barbra.

The music was OK to me. It told the story, but I did not go away humming any one of the songs. I don’t feel like the one Lady Gaga wrote for the movie were as good as her early stuff.

The supporting cast was great. The big surprise to most of my group was when they ran the credits Andrew Dice Clay’s name came up and only then did we realize that was who was playing Gaga’s father.

All in all it was a great escape. Our group decided that Friday afternoon movies is something we need to continue and welcome others to join us. One bonus for our friend Anne was that she discovered that her husband had made dinner when she got home.

Now I want to watch the Judy Garland version and the Barbra one and compare them all!

One Comment on “A Star is Born”

  1. Ellen Underwood says:

    Thanks for sharing Dana. I have been curious about the movie too, and look forward to going. I don’t go to many movies, but your review has convinced me. Also, so glad your Dad could help out in the yard. What a job! He has a lot of energy at 80 years old!

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