Everyone Lost

At 4:07 our phones started blowing up. The vote was done. The long and bitter battle over Kavanaugh was done. The conservatives may think they have won this one, but the damage to the country is much deeper than one man on the Supreme Court. The mocking, the partisanship, the gamesmanship just to win, the drawing of a strong line down the middle of the county, pitting good people against each other, making enemies of fellow countrymen. No one won this one.

Just a moment later Russ’ phone rang and it was Carter sobbing. I feel incredibly guilty for how my generation has gotten us to where we are now. It didn’t happen over night. I am not sure how we come together as a union and people who all love America.

I do know that how things have been going so far is making us worse and not better. We do not try and lift each other up. We do not work for the collective good. We are letting singular issues rule, like a right for woman to make choices about their own bodies or gun rights, driving all other important issues to the side.

We need people who can look at the big picture and work to make America better for all, not just their “side.” I don’t know that Kavanaugh will ever be respected on the court by many in this country. We don’t need to repeat what his nomination did to us as a country again.

Many will feel euphoric over Kavanaugh’s seat, but what they can’t see yet is the damage this battle did. In my opinion everyone lost.

2 Comments on “Everyone Lost”

  1. Kathy McKee says:


  2. Ellen Pratt Underwood says:

    A sad day for our country. I hope the voters speak up in November.

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