Bright Outshines

Between things going on in Washington and the slap in the face from Durham Roofing/Budd Piper roofing charging me for four visits to fix one hole I needed some good news to change my mood. Luckily three things happened today that did that.

First, my Dad and Bill came back and spent all day planting the 21 shrubs. It sounds easier than it was. I have lots of roots and vines in the area of my yard we are redoing. It takes a huge amount of work to rid my yard of them. It took so long they were unable to plant the grass so they will come back again tomorrow to finish the job my Dad volunteered to do. He has no idea how much I appreciate this.

Second, I got to celebrate my friend KT’s birthday with a Thai Cafe lunch today. You know you are gabbing so much that you don’t notice when you are the only people left in the restaurant and they are turning the lights off. I always say this when I have lunch with KT, “We hardly covered half of what we need to discuss.”

Third, I opened a big envelope from the National Mah Jongg League. I was thinking it was awfully early to start getting my Mah Jongg friends to order their new cards for next year since they don’t come until the end of March. Then I found the check for The Food Bank of CENC that I “earned” by doing a big group order. This is one thing I appreciate about the NMJL.

It is a small donation, but every dollar makes a difference, especially this year with so many people affected by hurricane Florence.

If you play Mah Jongg and want to order next year’s card through me you can be assured that $2.00 from your order will go the the Food Bank. If you just order it yourself the NMJL keeps the money for themselves.

Thank goodness for the bright spots in the day.

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