Presidential Alert

This morning at my Mah Jongg group we got to talking about the President’s embarrassing mocking of Dr. Ford at his rally yesterday. We are a cordial group of Independents, Republicans and Democrats, but I don’t think any of us are a Fox News watchers so we are usually working off fairly balanced news. Despite our parties we seem to agree when 45 is acting badly.

The subject changed to the FEMA emergency warning test that was going to happen at 2:18 with a message from the president. I joked that even though it was a FEMA test, Trump might want only his base to get the message. To hell for anyone who does not like him.

2:18 came and went at my house. No message on my cell phone, IPad, Apple Watch or regular phone. About five minutes later I got a group text from a Mah Jongg friend who is not a Republican saying that she was waiting for carpool pickup at 2:18 and a number of people around her got the warning, but she did not.

We joked that maybe my prediction was true. Then a republican friend in the group piped in that she had gotten the text. The first friend who did not get the text, then replied that her husband got it. Guess what, he is a republican.

Another Mah Jongg friend, whose left Our game to go to a bridge game, said she got the alert on her phone and her watch but so did only about 2/3rds of the other people in the room.

There is my very unscientific results of the FEMA warning system. It sounds like it might be something like the rapture. If you are a Republican you will be saved, the rest of us are damned. I am certain this is something a good number of Trump supporters already believe.

2 Comments on “Presidential Alert”

  1. Holley Broughton says:

    I didn’t get it either and I’m happy to stay right here!

  2. Mary Few says:

    hahahaha! About half of us in the clinic got the message but 100% of oncology doctors and nurses agreed that one of these days we will all be awoken at 2am to an alert that was meant to be a tweet! Terrifying for all!

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