My Dad Made Russ’ Birthday Better

Since today is Russ’ birthday I kept my calendar completely open so I could be available for anything he had time to do. Then one of his new clients needed their orientation to the Russ’ Agile Marketing program so his day was consumed by important work. I thought I was going to have a free day.

Then my father called. He and his best farm worker Bill were going to come down and work on prepping my scorched earth area of my yard for planting. Last week my Dad had one of his smaller tractors and many large implements trailered to my house so they could have them here when they had time.

My Dad volunteering to do this huge job was a godsend. The part of my yard that has to be replanted had, for the last 22 years, been full of vines and volunteer shrubs so prepping the soil meant tearing up vines and roots that had made practically permanent homes in my yard. It was not something Russ and I could do and paying someone else to do it would cost half a year’s tuition.

Bill and my Dad showed up with another big trailer with the four wheeler, fertilizer, grass seed and many more tools. They wasted no time cutting low branches on trees that were in the way of driving the tractor around. Then Bill started “raking” the earth with a big rake on the back of the tractor. My father supervised the whole effort from a bench in my yard. Bill ripped out vines and roots, for up old stumps, destroyed a sand box Russ had built with pressure treated lumber when Carter was two and moved all the mess to a compost pile in my back woods. Then he roto-tilled the whole thing. A tractor roto-tilling takes minutes compared to the hours it takes Russ with our little machine.

Lynn came by to see my Dad and thought that she wanted to drive the four wheeler around. We decided she was still a little too weak to do that and not possibly crash into something. it was just nice for Lynn to come see my Dad to break up the monotony of supervising.

After a good six hours work the soil looks great. Tomorrow twenty-one bushes Russ and I bought on Saturday will be delivered. Thursday Bill and my Dad are coming back to plant them. Thank goodness they have a giant auger to dig the holes.

They were just finishing up for the day when Russ came home. Happy Birthday! My Dad has just given him the best present ever. I am so thankful for his help, generosity and hard work. I am especially thankful for Bill.

I used to wonder why my Dad had so many tractors. Now I am just glad he brought one to my house for a little while. Thanks Dad. And happy birthday Russ!

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