Honor Tattoos

I get some of the craziest emails. I am sure you do too. Things for men’s Sherpa lined hoodies, or senior portraits. At first I was t sure if they were talking about getting a portrait of myself since I am on the back side on the way to being a senior citizen, but upon closer examination I saw if was for a “high school senior” portrait. I guess that if you ever had a senior they didn’t want to miss that might have another. I don’t. And as for that Sherpa thing, my husband is too hot blooded for anything fur lined.

One of my favorite emails today was from Pinterest. I am a big Pinterest time waster. I can look at quilting posts all day long. If today’s email was about quilts I might understand it, but it wasn’t. It was “14 Tattoo ideas for parents wanting to honor their kids.”

Two things Pinterest got wrong with me; Tattoos and my “Honoring” my kid. I am certain I never searched on anything about tattoos on Pinterest or anywhere. I don’t want a tattoo and never would think about getting a tattoo.

Now for the “Honoring” my child. I love my child, I adore my child and I even like my child. I don’t need to tattoo anything on my body to honor her. I gave birth to her, raised her, and pay for her school, that is how I honor her. And when did we start honoring children? I thought it was honor your mother and father?

My child is alive. I don’t need to scar my body to honor her. I have a friend who sadly lost her child much to early. I think she has a little butterfly to remember her child. That is different.

When tattoos used to be things that sailors got they often got home that said “ Mom” to honor their mother. I know people who do things to honor their grandparents who are gone, but honoring your children, well, I feel like everything we do to raise our children honors them.

Carter knows I love her, but I don’t think she expects me to get a tattoo that says her name. It just isn’t going to happen.

Lord knows what weird things are going to be in my e-mail tomorrow.

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