Never Ending Ortho

I cut my trip to Nashville short when my friend Mary Jo got sick and had to cancel our Nashville tour and breakfast. It turned out to be fortuitous because Carter called and said the camp nurse suggested she she an ortho doc for her knee. Turns out Carter already had a knee ortho doc in her stable of orthos on retainer.

So she drove into Durham as I flew in and together we went to get her knee checked out. As we pulled into what used to be Triangle Ortho Carter wondered what was up with their new name Emerge, and why she had not personally been alerted. Thankfully her regular suite of exam rooms had not changed and she and I caught up while she lay on the table under a couple of Mack Aldridge diplomas.

Dr. Silver came in and checked Carter out. He told her his daughter was at her camp and asked if Carter had met her yet. Since he was well aware of the mountain terrain at camp he put Carter is a giant foam knee brace. Thankfully no surgery or anything else worse is required.

I wonder if there will ever be a year we don’t make a major visit to the ortho doc?

So much for my travels. I like spending time with Carter more and this very short visit is a bonus. Back to camp in the early afternoon for her.

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