Tip Top Inn Bread

When I was a kid we went to Pawleys island every summer. We left cool Connecticut in August to go to hot South Carolina, but we loved it nonetheless. My cousins lived two doors down from Tip Top Inn. Usually only guests of Miss Dingle at the Inn would get to eat there, but my father always talked Miss Dingle into letting us come for a meal or two every summer.

Since we were not Inn guests we rarely got to eat in the second floor dinning room where the ocean breezes would come through the open windows. We usually had to eat in the little room on the first floor. It was fine with us since it was the best food on the island. Guests were expected to dress for “dinner” which was the big mid day meal. In the little room we could get away with not being quite as dressed up, although covered up bathing suits were never allowed.

I liked the deviled crab served in the little crab shaped foil pans and the homemade bread. It was easy for me to recreate the deviled crab, but I have never had bread like that Tip Top bread. It was a moist dense bread that I think was made with milk. I would love to find a recipe for it. If any of you readers have any connection to Tip Top or remember the bread send me any info you have.

I think Sis Kelly also worked there and used to give recipes, but I fear that the women who worked in the kitchen did not use recipes and I may never be able to recreate that bread again. I am not much of a baker so I definitely need a recipe. If I taste something close I might be able to tweak it.

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