Tip Top Bread Discovered

Ask the internet and you will be answered. Yesterday I wondered if anyone had the recipe for Tip Top Inn Bread. This morning, before I had even had breakfast my Aunt Janie had texted me a photo of the recipe. Seems like some people from Connecticut gathered up Miss Dingle’s recipes while Tip Top was still standing in its glory and out together a small cook book. My Aunt Janie has one signed by Miss Dingle so I know it is authentic.

It makes perfect sense that some Yankees would ask for the recipes because Tip Top cooking was pure southern. Most southerners knew how to make the standards they served at the Inn, although I’m sure few made them as well, but few self respecting southern cook would dare ask for the recipes admitting that their versions were not as good.

Since I have been binge watching the second season of Anne with an “E” of life of Anne of Green Gables I was inspired to bake the bread like they did at the turn of the century. So with Tip Top Recipe in hand I baked up two perfect loaves. When I tasted the final product it was just as I remembered Miss Dingle serving in 1968.

No wonder I liked it, it is a very rich bread, with milk and Crisco, certainly not an everyday thing, but perfect for summer special occasions. I wish I had a smell blog so you could enjoy how fabulous my kitchen smalls. You will just have to bake some up to smell it your self.

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