Friendship Album 1933

Since I had run two loads of laundry while the robot vacuum took care of the floors in the upper old bedroom section of the house I decided that I could spare a couple of hours at needlepoint today. The Christmas deadline is looming large and my needlepoint ornament count is woefully low this year thanks to my quilt manufacturing. One way or the other I am sure my stitching hours are way up for the year in total, but I had set a goal to add more red and white ornaments to my garland when I noticed that I had too many blue ones last Christmas.

I have not had as much time at the stitcher’s table and I miss seeing the regulars. It has been an especially hard year since Nancy, my friend the owner of Chapel Hill Needlepoint, lost both her parents. This is not the year to spend less time around the table.

While I was frantically working on finishing a little Noah’s Ark mini stocking my friend Francis sauntered into the store. Francis had been around the corner at Fly Leaf Books teaching a young writers class. “I turned the corner and saw the Needlepoint shop and said to myself, I wonder if Dana knows about this store and here you are.” Besides being a famous author, Francis is a divine quilter. I introduced Francis to the friends at the stitching table and we caught up on what she was doing.

I asked Francis about the next meeting of the Modern Quilt Guild and that is when she told me she was giving the presentation at the next meeting. I joined the guild a few months ago, but have been unable to attend any meetings so far. Francis offered me a ride to the next meeting and I took her up on it so I won’t be so awkward as a novice quilter showing up at a meeting of a group of people who all know each other who are probably professional.

Francis reminded me about her latest book, Friendship Album 1933 which is serialized on a podcast, a historical novel where quilting plays a major role. The Podcast is aptly named the QuiltFiction Podcast. When the podcast first came out I read about it on Facebook, but like so many things, probably did it at the grocery store while I was searching my phone for my shopping list, so it just went by me.

Tonight I subscribed to her podcast and started listening to it. Francis is a writer who puts wonderful color in her writing, but not so much so as to slow the story down. The beauty of the podcast is Francis is the reader, and although I know her voice so well I find myself forgetting it is her reading as she changes voices depending on which character is speaking.

Turns out listening to Francis reading is the perfect accompaniment to needlepointing. Unlike watching TV, I can keep my eye on the canvas and be totally engrossed in the woman Milton Falls. Oh I love having such a talented friend. I can hardly wait to get to know Eula and Florence better.

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