Memorable Days

Some days are more memorable than others. I remember exactly where I was on this day ten years ago. Russ, Carter and I were on a beautiful sail boat on Lake Charlevoix, Michigan to celebrate our friend Mick Hannan’s 40th birthday. His wife Hannah had arranged the whole trip and invited us to come alone.

Carter and I made quite an adventure out of that trip. We drove the Land Cruiser from Durham, first to Kentucky so we could visit the Kentucky World Horse Park. After two days there we drove on to Michigan where we stayed our first night with Hannah’s parents in St. Clair. Then we went on up to Harbor Springs which is the Nantucket of the Midwest. It was a lot of driving and it was then that I realized how much gas the Land Cruiser ate since it was the height of gas prices.

Russ flew in to join us in Harbor Springs in time for us to celebrate Mick’s big birthday. The remembrance of this trip and this day came back to me because today we went to Mick and Hannah’s to celebrate Mick’s fiftieth birthday. This one was a surprise and involved a lot less driving, but so many years of friendship and many good memories.

I look at the pictures from the big Michigan trip and am so happy I had so many good trips with Carter. After our time with the Hannan’s Russ flew off to go back to working, but Carter and I continued our driving adventure. We went to Mackinaw Island and stayed at the Grand Hotel. It was very Grand! And then we started our long trek home. Making a big stop in Frankenmuth, MI at the biggest christmas store in the world.

We drove as far as we could and then just spent the night some place in Ohio. It was such a fun time and we have Mick and his big birthday to thank for that. I wonder what we will do for Mick’s 60th birthday? I know I will always remember is 40th as one of my favorite trips. Since he is so much younger than me I hope I remember it until at least his 80th!

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