Quilt #6 or is it #5?

While I am waiting for the king sized quilt I am making for my mother to come back from my long arm quilter Tina, I decided I would make a baby quilt to practice more difficult skills. I took a charm pack, that’s 42 five inch squares and made half square triangles with one colored fabric attached to a white one. I had no pattern in mind, but have pinned dozens of half square triangle inspirations.

After I had all the half square triangles sewn together I laid them out and decided on this pinwheel design. Once I finished the top it was obvious that it needed a good border. This was a learning quilt so I just used some yellow fabric from my stash that I had enough of to make a border and the back.

Then the real learning time began. I wanted to quilt this piece myself. I thought that by making a baby quilt I might be able to handle it on my regular sewing machine. By regular, I don’t have a sewing machine with a deep throat, that is the space between the needle and the right side of the machine. The reason this is an issue is while quilting you have to push your whole quilt through the throat while still stitching. By the time I added the border I had made the quilt a little larger than I originally planned. At 51inches square it is still a baby quilt, because it just isn’t big enough to be anything else. It’s just for a big baby.

It took me a couple of try’s. I did not do the best job of making my quilt sandwich, the pieced top, batting middle and plain backing. After quilting three long lines I realized my error and had to rip the whole thing out and remake my sandwich. Eventually I was able to do the quilting, but now have confirmation that I can’t do the quilting on my sewing machine for anything bigger than 36 inches square.

I used another fabric I had in my leftover collection to make the binding. Watching curling and speed skating on the Olympics was the best way to spend the afternoon hand finishing the binding. This is the sixth quilt I have made since August, but maybe it is really the fifth with my mother’s being sixth since it is not really finished yet.

Either way, I think I can self diagnose this as a true addiction. When I showed the quilt to Russ and told him is it was a baby quilt he asked, with some fear in his voice, who it was for. I told him it was for a yet unknown baby and he was happy to learn that no one he was close to was having a baby.

I am still interested in more half square triangle designs, so I’m off to my graph paper to work on my next quilt. Sorry I am not able to do anything else more productive, but at least I am making the most of my quilting room.

One Comment on “Quilt #6 or is it #5?”

  1. Carol Walker says:

    If you roll the quilt up it will go through you machine throat quit easily

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