Last year I had a hurt shoulder so I went to physical therapy. While I was there I mentioned that my knee also hurt so I I started doing exercises for both my right shoulder and right knee. Eventually my shoulder got better so I had to stop going to physical therapy. My knee improved some, but not perfectly. I struck it up to gaining weight and aging.

Recently my left foot started hurting so I had a bad foot on one side and a bad knee on the other. Come on! This was not good for my exercising, which was not good for my weight, which was not good for my knee. Oh the vicious cycle.

I made sure I was always wearing the ugliest, but best shoes I could. I did my physical therapy exercises. My trainer took to training my upper body exclusively. You should see my biceps. But really I just wanted my knee to feel better. It really hurt going upstairs. I was not interested in any major surgery.

Last week while I was looking for lotion or tooth paste at Costco I passed by the “joint health” display. This was not an area I had ever studied at Costco. But I stopped and read a few of the bottles and boxes. Without any real medical advice I decided to try a joint health supplement. Since I was self medicating I went for the generic Kirkland brand since it was less than half price the name brand I had heard advertised on CBS Sunday morning along with all the other old people products that only are advertised during the news.

I started taking the recommended dosage. After five days I noticed that my knee was not hurting as much. On day seven it hardly hurt at all. I did not lose any weight in these seven days and I doubt that my PT finally kicked in after more than a year. I am not going to push it and try and do a very long walk until I am really certain I am actually feeling better, but I can’t imagine that my mind just made the pain go away because I am taking something. It does seem a little like a miracle.

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