Torn Between People and Passions

Last night I had a dinner meeting over at a neighbor’s house. I was in my quilting room working away right until the moment I needed to walk out the door. I had not noticed the time I was so involved with designing my next quilt that I did not have time to change my clothes, or even pull the stray white threads that were all over me off my sweater.

This morning I got up and went right back to my quilting room to continue the design process, but was almost late for Garden club, again with many small white threads attached to my black pants.

At both events, where my friends were all in attendance, I had a great time. I loved seeing them and there was not enough time to get to talk to everyone. The bad thing is I could hardly wait to get back home to sequester myself in my quilting cave and work on my next creation. I feel like I am quickly sliding down the extrovert scale from “most energized being with other people” to the introvert side of “gets energy being alone.”

It’s not that I want to be alone, I just want to be creating. My love of fabric and color and patterns is changing my natural personality. If only some of my friends would come over and quilt with me. Well, not exactly. I also want them to be happy to binge watch whatever series I am following while quilting.

I can’t exactly explain how this has happened. I am neglecting almost all other work in favor of quilting. Yesterday I had to force myself to clean the bathroom before I allowed myself to go to my work room. Who knew it wold take me an hour to clean. Mail piles up in my office and the laundry hamper is over flowing. Forget being an actual member of society. I am just becoming a stitching hermit. I think I need an intervention.

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