A British and American Judge

Our friends Michelle and Richard came over for supper and some Olympics watching. Since Richard is a Brit he brought an international flair to our amateur judging. We watched ice dancing in the team competition because Michelle and Richard are friends with the American siblings who skated beautifully.

As happens every Olympics we all quickly became experts on whatever event we were watching. Well, almost experts. We had some trouble figuring out if a skater was on their edges or not. One thing we did not have trouble with was deciding if we liked the outfits, make-up and jewelry. Michelle and I did not like the Russian (not that we can say they are Russian, but the athlete from Russia) ice dancer’s blue tassel earnings. Michelle described them as two extra distracting pony tails.

We felt terribly for the Japanese skater who had a wardrobe malfunction and had the top of outfit almost come off when the back broke. You don’t have to be a skating expert to recognize when your clothes go wrong.

Despite none of us ever have snowboarded before, let alone do jumps and flips we quickly become experts judges as we watched the finals. “I don’t think he stayed on the rails long enough,” Richard said confidently as he rated a Norwegian contender. It was just thrilling that the 17 yer old American Red won the event. All I can say is “Gnarly Dude.”

This is just the beginning of two weeks every other years when I become enthralled with sports I care nothing about any other time of the year.

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