I Want A Cable Concierge

After five days of my internet being down, six phone calls to Spectrum, two tech visits, the first one breaking more than he fixed and then reporting to the company that everything was fixed, which it was not, and finally a tech who came and listened to me when I told him exactly what was wrong my service is back and running. It was frustrating, exhausting, maddening and a bunch of other words that are not fit for polite company.

During this ordeal I came up with a business idea I am incapable of doing, but would like to hire, so I am throwing it out in the universe in the hopes that a young person will take this on and become rich.

I want a cable concierge that deals with the cable company. I want a person who checks all the internal devices, wiring, etc. and then talks to the cable company, stays at my house when the the cable person comes and makes sure everything is fixed during the first visit. Basically it is a person with the power of attorney over my cable.

I don’t ever want to have to talk to the cable company on the phone, visit the service center, meet the cable repairman, or listen to an automated call from the cable company ever again. If a DVR goes bad, my personal cable concierge will replace it. If new services are offered, my concierge will determine if they are something that I need and will order and have them installed and only once they are working will train me on how to use them.

I really wouldn’t mind my cable concierge lived on site and could manage my DVR recordings, decide what shows I might like and set everything up so I never even have to look at the program guide.

Since they are on site, maybe the cable concierge could just change the channels for me and one more little thing, make the lights from my cable box dimmer so they don’t shine in my eyes while I am trying to sleep. I don’t think this is too much to ask. Please, please, if you are young, technical and trust worthy this is the opportunity of a lifetime. I am will to pay and I am certain I know others who would hire you.

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