It’s Baby Chick Time




Tomorrow is my great friend Lynn’s birthday so we started the celebration early. Lynn, better known as Baby Chick in our house and I have been friends for at least fifteen years. Our daughter’s are the same age and since they are both only children they consider each other sisters, and we call them Sister E and Sister C.


Lynn got her “Baby Chick” title at mother daughter weekend at Camp Seafarer one September when our girls were only about eight years old. Lynn, not one to like being cold, was worried that she was not going to get any sleep in the cabin without her electric heating pad that she sleeps on year round. We may have been sleeping in a cabin with screens, but it was still a warm fall weekend in Arapahoe, NC. To aid in her bunk nights Lynn brought a full down comforter rated Alaska winters ready.


The first morning we woke up at camp Lynn, who had slept completely covered in down, popped her blond head up with the comforter wrapped around her. Her yellow fluffy hair sticking out around her face with the white comforter still wrapped around her head made her look like a baby chick just emerging from it’s shell for the first time. Sadly this was long before we all had cameras on our phones so I do not have a picture of the birth of Baby Chick, but the picture above was from the same weekend.


One reason I think Baby Chick and I are so compatible is she and my husband are similar in their taste’s for their own birthday celebrations, small and understated with some alone time for the guests. Russ’ idea of the perfect party is for three friends to come over and bring their own magazines. They all get a drink in the kitchen and say hello, go off in their own rooms and read for an hour and then reconvene in the kitchen to get a refill on their drink and tell each other one interesting thing they read.


Lynn’s birthday was not dissimilar to something Russ would like. We started early in the morning by picking up Stephanie and Mary Eileen and going to a spa downtown, where we all got either a massage or a facial in our own little rooms, certainly thinking about how much we love Lynn, while being individually pampered.


Once we were made perfectly useless and relaxed we headed over to Brightleaf Square to eat lunch where Amanda and Hannah joined us. We had dramatic readings of ridiculous things from the Internet that tickled us all in the same way. After lunch we stopped by Thai Café to get Lynn a carry out slice of coconut cake because for all of us it is just not a birthday without a slice of coconut cake.


By the time it was all over Lynn, who had indulged her birthday self more than she ever does, was ready for a Baby Chick nap wrapped in a comforter with the heating pad set on high. The perfect start to her birthday weekend, which officially is tomorrow. So Happy Birthday dear friend. Thanks for the pampering on your behalf.

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