Nurse Shay Shay




Poor Russ was in California this past week and on Friday he got sick in the San Francisco airport, again in the LA airport and again on the red eye. Flying over Friday night after a long workweek is never fun, but being sick the whole way home made it absolutely terrible. Since he arrived home before six in the morning he just went to sleep in the guest room leaving me clueless to his illness. True to form Shay Shay got right up from my bed and went to sleep with Russ. He is her main master and if he is around she is right by his side at all times.


I knew something was wrong when I got up because Russ was more passed out than usual. I tip toed around the house so I wouldn’t wake him. Carter is in Atlanta for the weekend so the house remained very quite. Shay would not leave Russ’ bed all morning, even when I knew she needed to go out.


At last Russ woke up and told me the tale of his horrible night. He thought it might be food poisoning, but as the day and Russ dragged on with not much improvement I think it was an actual flu. Shay snuggled with Russ keeping watch over him all day.


Sadly Russ had to miss the UNC/ NC A&T football game and birthday celebration for Lynn. I knew it was fine for me to go since I was leaving nurse Shay Shay in charge. The actual football game was a lopsided match up with the Heels scoring 53 points before A&T could get one.



The real show was at half time where after a nice showing from the UNC marching band the A&T Machine took the field and put on a superior show. This was what Russ was really missing. In a great spirit of comraderier the UNC band joined the A&T Machine on the field together for one last song. It was clearly the highlight of the game.



I arrived home to Shay reporting that she had taken good care of the patient while I was gone and letting me know that she was still on duty for the overnight watch. Russ was still not well. Hopefully nurse Shay will take care of him by morning.

One Comment on “Nurse Shay Shay”

  1. ellenpunderwood says:

    Pets can do amazing things. In addition to Shay Shay’s unwavering attention and care, have you considered making some chicken soup? I know that is an old-fashioned idea, but I have heard it can do marvelous things for some illnesses.

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