Empty Nest Practice Weekend


Russ recovered from his cross country sickness today by lunch time. It was a slow improvement but I was happy to have him on the way up all day. This was our big weekend of being empty nesters since Carter was away, but it ended up being a stick around at home most of the time weekend. I ended up cleaning out the Disney video cabinet that was full of old vhs tapes and wood beads to string into necklaces that had been very important to Carter’s childhood.
My other excitement was chopping up fruits and vegetables that needed to be cooked or eaten. I made an amateur butternut squash chopping mistake and ran a large cleaver into the base of my finger nail causing a future of bad nail problems I am sure. I have a feeling I am going to be wearing a band aid on my middle finger for the next six months. It makes typing difficult.
By lunch today Russ was stir crazy and wanted to get out of the house so we went to the club where we were lucky to get a table in the grill. We got the worst table closest to the salad bar where I sat facing the bar. This was the worst table because I had a full view of any person who came to get snacks out of the three jars with nuts and pretzels and the like in them that sit on the bar. It was not the proximity to the snacks that was the problem, it was that I could witness who used the proper scoops to ladle out the honey roast peanuts into the little cups provided and who just stuck their hand in the jar of pretzels and hauled out a handful.
It did not really surprise me who the dirty offender was given his lack of manners in all situations, but the fact that no one around him thought to call him out even when he went back to the jar multiple times with the hands he had just licked the salt off. Watching this hygienic disaster was the best diet aid I have come across in a long time. Next time you are feeling a weakness towards a salty snack, think twice.
My dinner meal made up for my lunch experience because we had Church Supper club at the Pottenger’s house. It was a lovely evening with new and old friends made even better by a visit from by my friend Barbara who moved to Alabama last year. We could not stay long at dinner because Carter had gotten home from Atlanta and Russ had not seen her in a week.
Thank goodness she had not fallen asleep before we got home. She told us all about visiting Emory and going to the Ed Sheeran concert and spending time with her friends. Having her home was the highlight of our weekend. Clearly we are not ready for an empty nest. Maybe I should stop cleaning things out now so I have something to do when she is really gone.  

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