Permission to Be Less Productive

Russ is in PA visiting his father. That has given me a rare few days alone at home. Before the pandemic these days were regular when Russ traveled so much for work, but zoom still has a hold on consulting so he is home more than I am.

I always have plans of things I should clean, but these couple of days have gotten away from me. Today I spent all morning packing rice and beans at Iglesia Presbiteriana Emanuel. There was a good group of older and younger folks from church doing the work. I was paired up with Rayner’s granddaughter Issi while Raynor and her grandson Parker maned the station at the other end of the table.

Issi and I were a superior team. We packed 500 pounds of beans into two pound bags before we exhausted the available beans and had to switch to rice. Beans are easier to pack because they don’t stick to the outside of the bag the way rice can.

Iglesia has a drive through weekly food pantry which serves 650 cars in two hours on Wednesdays. They give a lot of food to those who need it and beans and rice are an important staple. It was good hands on work to help our neighbors. Because I felt like I had accomplished something I gave myself permission to needlepoint all afternoon.

Consequently none of the chores around the house got done. I probably can mash them all into the time I have tomorrow afternoon, but I am not going to bet on it. I have months of needlepoint to do!

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