Garden Club Graduation

An unnamed husband was overheard saying, “I love the Garden club picnic. it is the best food of the year.” His words were echoed by two Garden Club ladies not ten minutes later.

Tonight was our final meeting of the garden club, the traditional year end supper with our husbands. There really isn’t much of a meeting except the passing of the torch. I got to say farewell as the President and Stephanie Perun officially took over. She presented me with a big pot for my hose, a gift I had asked Russ for and am glad I did. I also got a beautiful orchid.

Outside of that bit of business the picnic was a big yummy affair. The hostesses grilled steak and chicken and made a giant salad which was a lovely main, but ohhh, the appetizers, side dishes and desserts made by all the members were the real hits. At my table the ooohing and aahhhing was all about the puréed cauliflower. People went back just for seconds on that.

Sadly Anne Bradford had been assigned the dessert category so there were no patio beans. I alerted Stephanie that next year we need Anne to be assigned Patio Beans. Don’t ask me what they are, but they usually are my favorite thing at the garden club picnic, which I now realize I have been coming to for 23 years.

Thanks to the hostesses, Laura, Jane, Emmy and Mimi. I know it is a lot of work, especially with the threat, and non-threat, and threat again for rain, which thankfully never came.

It was nice to be thanked for being president, but it is not that hard a job. I am just happy that it was a fun year, with fun people and no drama and a yummy farewell.

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