Bulls For the Win

In the midst of my Mah Jongg mania teaching Russ texted me Friday and asked if I want to go to the Bulls Game tonight. It was a risky time to be asking me since I was burning the candle on both ends, but I said sure.

I called our friends Sara and Dave and asked if they wanted to go to the game with us. It had been too long since I had seen Sara and they are great Bulls fans who actually watch the game.

I had told Sara we would pick them up and then forgot I had said that as we waited for them to come to the house. About fifteen minutes into waiting for them it dawned on me my mistake. So we were a little on the late side to the game. We decided to get tacos for dinner and ordered before going to our seats. Unfortunately I messed up the automated ordering system and never actually entered my order. So Russ hung around the taco stand for a very long time waiting for my dinner that was never coming.

Thankfully all my mistakes were not foreshadowing for how the game was going to go. We were standing right under the Bull when a home run was hit bringing in three players. I had never been so close to the Bull when he is snorting. It was very exciting.

Despite what Russ had told us about our season tickets we still were in the second row on the first baseline where we have been since the beginning, but no longer behind the bulls, as they switched dugouts. Now we are behind the visitors. It made for some excitement tonight as we heard the Lehigh Valley Iron Pig Manager say the F word twice at the umpire and get ejected from the game.

The Bulls were in fine form and won the game 8 -6. There were a few tense moments when the outfielders missed a number of catches, but the hitting was good.

It was an excellent first game of the season for us. The weather was perfect, no humidity, no pollen and just the right temperature. I am hoping for more nights like tonight, not that I have time to go to many games, but they sure are fun when we do go.

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