Planting Time

No matter how busy or how tired I am it’s planting time around here. I learned my lesson long ago to only buy as many plants at one time as I can plant in the next two days. Thankfully I usually am driving my little car and it only holds so much. Back in the days when I drove the Land Cruiser I would fill that baby up with plants and it would take me weeks to plants them all.

When I went to Augusta I bought a bunch of perennials and they seem to be thriving. Tuesday, after garden club I stopped at Stone Brothers and bought a few more perennials, a packet of bean seeds, a few tomatoes and eggplants. I have not transplanted the veggies as I am letting them acclimate to my garden.

Today after teaching my morning class I came home and passed out for a nice nap. I awoke refreshed and ready to plant. The earth was easy to til from the good rain we had.

I am ready to go to the farmers’ market first thing in the morning to get my next round of plants. I need to get my vegetable garden in before I am off on my Mah Jongg down east tour next week. I pray we have had all the cold weather we are going to get since I won’t be around to cover things. Russ is fine in a pinch, but I hate to impose on him and Shay only snuggles in blankets and won’t share them with the veggies.

One Comment on “Planting Time”

  1. Donna says:

    I love your blog!
    I would love to see your PP for your MJ presentation but I live on the west coast. Do you have it available anywhere? Thank you,

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