Three Down, Two to Go

From six PM last night to noon tomorrow I am teaching five three-hour classes. This is what happens in April when the new card comes out. I hate disappointing anyone who wants to learn Mah Jongg so April is packed.

Last night was a cute group of young women in downtown Raleigh learning beginner Mah Jongg. Today is my big New Card Orientation Classes at Carolina Country Club. I had a morning class where there were so many great questions. I just love how curious everyone is.

The afternoon class was just as exhilarating. My favorite thing happened when I put up the slide of the easiest hands and the whole room took out their phone and took photos of the slides.

Now I’m relaxing in the Bogey Den before my night class. Thankfully my extroversion gets me through the day of three big lecture classes. I was worried that nine hours of talking to a room of almost 100 3 times would be too much, but it hasn’t been.

Let’s see how I feel tomorrow afternoon after I have driven home and driven back to Raleigh and taught a whole new group o new players their first class. First classes are the hardest on me, but Los something I can do in my sleep.

The fun part is I do it all again next week when I go to Kinston and New Bern. Thank goodness I made this sixty-slide Power Point to do the new card orientation class so that I make sure to cover all the important topics every time. Now I know to tell people to take their cameras out on certain slides and take photos!

2 Comments on “Three Down, Two to Go”

  1. Donna Eschen says:

    I recently discovered your blog and love reading it, especially the Mah Jongg parts. I do not live near you. Is there a way to see your PP of the new card? I love that you get such a huge audience! that’s fantastic!Donna EschenSanta Maria, CA 

  2. Jo Parrott says:

    Can’t wait to see you

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