The Fireworks of Lady Banks

We skipped Spring today and bore full head-on into summer. It was 87° outside according to my trusty Apple Watch. The warmth compelled me to go out and sprinkle some arugula seeds in one of my raised beds. I should have done it earlier as they do fine in colder weather, but this warmth should be a good kick start to the germination.

My Lady Banks Roses are starting the spectacular show season. The yellow one above my front door is in full bloom. I photographed it too late in the day to get to really enjoy the color, but you can get an idea.

The humongous white version that acts as a canopy to our double width garage door has a spit of white blooms showing, but a bridal veils worth of tiny buds readying themselves to a full fireworks show in a day or two.

The weather says it is going to rain tomorrow. I hope it is light enough not to totally deflower the tender roses. They are such a short lived joy, but what a great show they put on.

One Comment on “The Fireworks of Lady Banks”

  1. ellenpunderwood says:

    How beautiful. I bet the air is filled with fragrance, too.

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