Margaret was Right

Years ago my sister Margaret had the idea for a chicken salad restaurant. Chicken salad is well loved in our family. We like all kinds of chicken salad, regular, curried, fruit and nut. We didn’t exactly think that Margaret’s idea was viable. We were wrong.

Today I visited Chicken Salad Chick, an all chicken salad restaurant. The place was jammed. People were enjoying many different kinds of chicken salad, just as Margaret had imagined.

I had a scoop of fruit and nut chicken salad. It was good, but not as good as Margaret’s.

The place is a chain and this franchise was not brand new so clearly the community has embraced it.

I want to apologize to my sister for not supporting her idea full on years ago when she first had it.

2 Comments on “Margaret was Right”

  1. beth says:

    wow, you never know.

  2. ellenpunderwood says:

    Yes, she was right!

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