All New

Last Friday I went to see Art in Bloom with friends. Michelle offered to drive and when we got to lunch, not wanting to possibly scratch her beautiful car, I barley opened the front door to slither out between the next car. As I did my glasses slid off my old chain around my neck and fell on the ground. I only realized this had happened when I stepped on them and broke them.

I think the average life of a pair of glasses is a year with me and my chains last about six months longer. I hate when I have to replace them because it never fails that the pair I had and loved has been discontinued.

This was the case with my Eyebob half rims. They have the frame, but not in tortoise and I am not interested in turquoise. So I went to Amazon and found both new chains and new glasses. I ordered two of each.

The chains came first and in a big improvement came with a second set of the rubber connectors for the arms of the glasses. They even made the way they are attached to the chains a lobster clip so I don’t have to get needle nose pliers to repair them.

The glasses came today and were only $14 as opposed to $95 for Eyebobs. They are a good substitute, especially for the money.

I am thankful that the internet existed before I started needed glasses. If I had to go to a store every time I broke a pair of glasses I would double the number of stores I visit in a year.

I am going to try and keep a better eye on the chains and make sure they are not getting too lose. It will be easier now that I have replacement parts.

That’s the thing about getting older. You don’t always need a whole new thing, sometimes you just need a new part.

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